and I am so happy you are here. 

I'm Susan, 

First things first, I love what I do. It took me until I was 30 to figure it out, but the joy I've felt daily since starting my own photography business reminds me it was well worth the wait.



There are many stories from life before 30. But let's be honest - what we really need to know here is will we work well together? Am I the person you've been looking for to create something incredible with? 


I studied English Literature and Film + Visual Studies at university whilst wondering if I'd ever actually get a job related to the degree. If only I knew that seven years after graduation I'd start a business based on story-telling and imagery!


I've lived in 7 countries, mostly in Africa. I spent several years working in Kenya. Think elephants, leopards, living in a tent, scorpions, bucket showers, nomadic warriors. Though I'm back in Scotland indefinitely now, a part of me will always be there. 


I'm a compassionate, generous, sensitive soul. I've learned to use these traits to my advantage to live a meaningful life. I prioritise experience. 


I landed in the Shetland Islands in the spring of 2018. The jaw-dropping scenery stole my heart and I let myself follow the pull towards turning my photography hobby into a profession. I went all in, became self-employed and I've never looked back.


My husband Ritchie and I spend our personal time hanging out with our friends, going on walks, finding new corners of Shetland in our Landrover Defender and doting on our gorgeous, energetic Hungarian Vizsla, Barney. Barney loves nothing more than to sit on me while I edit (he's 21kg) and remind me that he thinks I work too much. We are also expecting our first bebe!!!


You should probably know a little about me seeing as I'm going to be right there with you in some of the most intimate moments of your life. So let's make sure we're a perfect fit.

⌓ You want a quiet, side-line ninja type photographer. I'm there laughing with you, standing in the rain with you or climbing those mountains in the mid-day heat!

⌓ You need to have every strand of hair in the right place. The photographs I capture are in the moment, what's really happening, what you're really feeling. 

⌓ You're not too fussed about including the location in your wedding photos, where you get married isn't that important.

⌓ For you it's about what the photo looks like, so you'd like someone to pose and direct you every step of the way.

I am NOT the photographer for you if:

⌓ You want an entirely unique way of celebrating where you are in life right now.

⌓ You want to surrender to the experience (think climbing through heather in Scotland or adventuring somewhere epic overseas!)

⌓ You embrace that life comes with twists and turns and will approach your session with an open mind.

⌓ You want the photographs to be the icing on the cake of an incredible adventure.

I AM the photographer for you if:

So, do we fit?


“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel 

If you think it's about time we started celebrating the little things in life that give you those life-altering feelings, I can't wait to get to know you.

So I'll leave it to you.


“Susan was everything I had wished for in a wedding photographer. Her attention to detail in every moment and always being in the right place at the right time was outstanding. Her character is warm and friendly, and she made everyone feel at ease.”

Susan was everything I had wished for in a wedding photographer.


“Susan’s warmth and kindness enhances the whole experience from beginning to end. She has an intuitive sense of the moments to capture."

Susan's Warmth and Kindness enhances the whole experience.


“Right away from the first meeting we knew Susan was the right photographer for us. We really felt on the wedding day that Susan was another guest of ours rather than a hired professional.”

We really felt on the wedding day that Susan was another guest of ours...


"We were really happy with Susan! She took care of us from the first moment we contacted her and was a huge help! We obviously knew very little about wedding photography and how complicated it can be beforehand, we instantly felt more comfortable after having just one conversation with Susan. The pre-wedding meetings were a lot of fun, and really made it easy for us to become more at ease with Susan, and that made the whole process much more relaxed for us."

She took care of us from the first moment we contacted her


"Susan's work is worth every penny. We have a fantastic selection of photos that tell the whole story of our day. Pictures that we know we wouldn’t have been able to create with anyone else."

... Susan's work is worth every penny.