Shetland to Santorini;
 Marrakech to Madeira

Your story: for you, by me. 

I’ve been sitting here, trying to ‘in-a-nutshell’ my wedding photography for you. But it’s proving…un-pindown-able. And you know what? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. You don’t have to choose between the timeless beauty of editorial imagery and the nostalgic essence of photos that feel like movie stills.


Sometimes it’s giving Pride and Prejudice; dramatic and wide, like some sweeping romance. Sometimes it’s intimate and grainy, like an old film. Sometimes it’s just a straight-up vibe caught in a frame. 

But it’s never an accident. 

Every image I take is crafted as a gift for the people in it. Not just ‘what you looked like, then’. But your experience, stoppered. What that moment meant to you, how you remember it, how it felt.

And for me, that’s the essence of a story well-told. A story told for you. 

Born of a relationship deeper than just ‘wedding photographer & couple’. Where you can turn the pages of your album, and connect with every image you land on. 

A poetry of colour and light, with you as the main characters. Where you see yourselves in the photos, and feel understood. 

I really do love my couples (I know we all say that, but I really do!) 

We’ll Whatsapp, DM, and voice note from the get-go. You’ll get tons of help with timelines, planning, and all that wedding-y goodness. And if you ever need to chat, or vent, I’m only a phone call away. 

Let’s plan our route up the mountain for golden hour, choose your glacier, find your safari lodge. Let’s bring your vision to life. So when those moments come, you can immerse yourselves in them.



I want you to know that I’ve got you- but I won’t be an OTT cheerleader, or embarrassing cling-on about it. 

I’m here to support you like only a good friend could. To bring out your best, most confidently vulnerable selves. To frame that connection that only you have. 

You’ll have all the freedom and space you need to enjoy your day, uninterrupted. And if you ever need me for anything (help, hugs, safety pins), I’m there.



Love is a song of many tunes, isn’t it? Maybe you kiss, cuddle, and never stop touching; maybe you laugh, tell stories, and barely hold hands. 

But you can still be intimate without getting intimate.  

It’s why I prompt, but never pose; guide, but never tell. I want you to recognise yourselves in the photos, to recognise each other. However you are when there’s no one else around- let’s capture that, celebrate it.



When we find a little time, we’ll carve out a some space for just the two of you. 

We’ll go for a little adventure, scamper up rocks, or stroll through fields. You’ll catch up, kiss, and share that 'oh my God, we’re actually married!’ moment. 

And meanwhile I’ll be doing what I do best. Drawing together cinema, art, nature, and you. And creating beautiful art, born for your walls. 




Sometimes the nicest photos are the ones where not very much is happening. 

A comfortable silence, or a reassuring smile. Held hands. Small intimacies, deeper than any ‘ready, steady, kiss’. Humble moments that feel like home. 

And then, as we adjust the lens, other parts of the story come into focus. 

Smiles in the front row; craned necks in the back. Your friends laughing, talking, toasting. Mid-laugh kisses and popped champagne. 

And at the centre of it all, the two of you. Comfortable, carefree, obsessed-with-each-other, you. 

Take another step back, and there’s your whole day, laid out before you. The rooms, the venue. The details you poured yourselves into choosing. And the place you fell in love with, celebrated for itself. 

And when I tell your story, that’s how I’ll tell it. With purpose, in full. 

Every memory, every moment. Layer-upon-layer, from beginning to end. 

These sessions aren't for standing in a straight line and smiling at the camera. They're about playing with you children, going to the beach, cuddling your baby and embracing what it feels like to be a parent. The results will be real, natural and evocative imagery. 


Whether you're a little self-conscious or perhaps a little reluctant in the beginning, by the end of the session I can promise you'll look back and realise you not only relaxed, but you enjoyed the session and you love the photos too. 


This is real life. We need to start showing our true selves, loving our imperfections and being grateful for our differences. I will not edit or photoshop any person to be unlike themselves. When it comes to blemishes, I will only remove what would be gone in a few weeks such as bruising, spots etc. The real you is beautiful. If you are super self-aware about something do let me know and I'll be conscious of that when I photograph you. 


The telling of your day...

Story Sessions

Destination Weddings / Elopements

UK Weddings / Elopements

All-Inclusive Shetland Elopements


Starting from £2300

Starting from £6000

Starting from £1750

Starting from £250


The advantage of having two photographers on the day, quite simply, is that we can be in two places at once. Different perspectives, angles, lenses; different strengths, personalities and different locations on the same day. It means more photos, more fun, more of an insight into your celebration. The second shooter is an associate of my choosing, based on experience, style, compatibility and availability.  Available as an additional service for all packages.

Second photographer

"Having a second shooter helping Susan on the day and knowing that she wasn't going to leave me and miss any special moments, but that the boys would also be getting some amazing photos of their own, really helped to put my mind at ease."

A pre-wedding session not only helps you relax on your wedding day, but gives you a trial run working with me, not to mention a whole gallery of gorgeous images to look back on. You'll discover how I prompt, not pose. You'll really just have fun and photos to prove it. The pre-wedding session is available to add on to all packages.

Pre-wedding session

"Our pre wedding shoot was amazing! Not only did it give us some AMAZING pictures of the two of us, it was also a great chance to begin to feel comfortable in front of the camera and get to know Susan better before the big day."

Your wedding memories deserve to be held in your hands in a tangible album. Yes, online is wonderful and accessible, but nothing beats a real photo album. With 9 colours of velvet cover to choose from, you also have the option of 10 to 50 double spreads. I will design the album for you and once you approve the online proof, you'll receive your album in the post once it's ready.

Velvet Album

"The velvet album we got from Susan is out of this world. I've never seen pages like it - such high quality and not flimsy at all. I'm comfortable handing it over to guests and children to look through as I know it can handle it. It's soft cover is amazing too. A real joy to relive our wedding day. it somehow makes the photos even better!"


"I cannot sing Susan's praises enough. She made us feel so comfortable. We laughed and we felt so relaxed - and it shows. Susan really brings out the beauty in everyone."

I  cannot sing Susan's praises enough.


“I remember watching me husband running with my boys and just feeling my heart being totally full. It was such a relaxed experience which allowed me to feel such pride, gratitude and love. Best experience!”

Best experience!


“Susan absolutely blew us away with her wonderful eye and great people skills - couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. The photographs are absolutely stunning.”

We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.


“The photographs just flowed naturally with your guidance. A lovely time spent with family in the fresh air. Susan has such an eye for capturing the in-between moments.”

The photographs just flowed naturally with your guidance. 


“I have already recommended Susan to everyone who will listen! She’s so chilled, and the moments she captures are natural and real.” 

I have already recommended Susan to everyone who will listen.

What do we do next to book in?

1. Fill in an enquiry form with as many details as you're willing to give me!
2. Keep an eye on your emails - you'll receive a guide about your chosen service
3. Confirm your booking by accepting the quote, paying the deposit and signing the contract
4. Stay in touch, enjoy the process and the results!

How do we receive our images?

I use an online gallery platform, the perfect way for you to experience your images digitally on computer, tablet or phone. You can download the images in the gallery here and also access the store. You receive Sneak Peeks and then your Full Gallery here. Once you've received your full set of images, I'll send you a link to select images for your wedding album. From there I'll design it, send you an online proof and once you're happy, it's ordered and delivered to your door!

What's your availability like?

I open my diary a year in advance so that I can book and plan my year intentionally. In order to ensure each couple gets the attention and level of professionalism from me that they deserve, I do limit the number of bookings I take.
Each couple's story should be a work of art and therefore although the diary may open on a certain date, I will only book in with clients that I feel I click with and in order to deliver the very best imagery of their wedding, elopement or portrait session. 

Do we have to feed you?

On your wedding day, yes please. Up to 12 hours on my feet means my body and brain are pulling out the stops to capture every moment for you. Me refuelling while you’re eating means you don’t get unwanted snaps of people with their mouths full, and means I’m recharged in time for all the after meal action. 

It doesn’t have to be the three course meal you’re serving your guests - just something hot and vegan for me to eat in the back - and I’m a happy photographer ready for the evening. 

If you're eloping and we're somewhere wild and wonderful, with only a few hours coverage, I am more than happy to bring my own - as long as we discuss beforehand so I am aware!

Do I own the images once you send them to me?

What Susan Sees Photography will have and will always have copyright and ownership of the images. When you receive them, you then have printing rights to the images, which means you can print them, post them on social media, blog them, email them to your family. What you don't have the right to do is re-edit them, sell them, use them for marketing purposes to earn a profit, or claim them as your own.  All the nitty gritty is in the paperwork I’ll send you.

How many images will we get?

I don't have an exact amount of images that I guarantee because every wedding is so different and it depends of so many things - how long I'm there, how many guests, locations etc. What I will say is the wedding/elopement galleries usually are between 600 and 800 images based on the factors above, and storytelling sessions are mostly between 100 and 150 images. If it's a good photo, you'll get it!

Can we choose the type of album that's included?

Yes! I try and make the process as personalised as possible.
Once you receive your full set of images, I'll send you a PDF with all the album options. You get to choose the cover colour from nine options and what is embossed on the front (three lines of text). If you'd like to upgrade to more pages or a different size of album, you'll be able to see the price list included. 
Once you have chosen which album size you'd like, you'll receive a selection link to choose the images you'd like to include. From there I design the album, send you an online version and make any adjustments you'd like. It's only ordered once you've approved the online version to be to your liking.

Can I have the RAW images?

Simply answered, no. RAW files are unprocessed image files and they take up a heap of space, not to mention you need professional software to be able to open them. Plus you really don’t need 20 photos of you blinking, I promise. When you hire me, you're doing so because you like examples of my work. My post-shoot process is an enormous part of what you see and editing is where so much of my signature style comes into play. I promise not to withhold any images that you're hoping for.

Do you have a limit of how many weddings you do?

Yes. I do not is book in every single wedding enquiry that comes my way. I do this so that my couples get the best experience possible and so I don't burn out. When it comes to weddings, it's about providing quality to my clients, not about squeeing in as many weddings as I can. 

Do you offer payment plans?

A 25% deposit secures your booking and then the remainder is to be settled no later than a month before the big day. If you’d prefer to chip away month by month, that works too! It’s all managed in your client portal and payments are done by bank transfer.