If you’ve been dreaming of an experience that’s yours
With every expectation shrugged; every ‘should’ shedded

Where traditions are yours to create 

If you’re drawn to the purity of a memory caught, and the elegance of art created

If you value the moment above all else 

If you’re searching for the real, the raw and the beautiful

You’re in the right place


 A UK and destination wedding and elopement photographer

Joining you in adventure, wherever in the world your love story takes us

Hello!  I'm Susan - 

Scotland, Europe and Worldwide

The kind that’ll have you smiling to yourself over breakfast. Or ambushed with happy-tears on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Photos so personal - so intimately honest - they feel like the memories themselves. 

I’m here to tell your story, so you can lose yourselves in it. Every ‘what if’ adventure and lost-in-thought smile. The immaculate vibes, the unpolished moments- all of it. 

Your memories preserved in little pieces of art. 

You’ll feel anchored, but never grounded; safe, but never bored. We’ll laugh a lot, we’ll call to chat. We’ll trust each other. 

And as you turn the pages of your album, that’s what you’ll remember. 

The space you had to stretch out, the freedom to run wild, and the easy confidence to be yourselves. 

I'm about photos that make people feel things.

You know the ones…

It’s about being in love, on fire, and at peace, all at once.


This is about: 

You’re drawn to different. The unmapped. The pull of the unknown. 

Road signs flashing in pre-dawn headlights. Waterfall skin, wet clothes; smiles beaming through towel-dried hair.

You embrace life in all its mischief, because it’s brighter when you do, and too short not to. 

When plans change, you smile (because you knew they would). And because Plan C is always more fun than Plan A. 

You make each other laugh. You’re pragmatic when it’s needed, thoughtful in a thousand small ways, and loyal, always. That’s what your wedding will be about. 

And when you find your photographer, you’ll feel it. 

You’re not looking for perfection, or a list of must-haves. You’re looking for someone to get swept up in the adventure alongside you. Someone who’ll fit perfectly into your little circle. 

A friend you can lean on, whose art you love.

Are we a good fit?


"I felt instantly calm as soon as Susan walked in the room on the wedding morning. I can honestly say we've both made a friend in her. She built such a good relationship with us both in the lead up to the wedding that she just felt like part of the family on the day, she really is amazing."

I felt instantly calm as soon as Susan walked in the room.


"The photos. What more can I say. Our photos are absolutley perfect. Every single one of them. We instantly fell in love with them when we saw them. Susan captured our day town to a T and we honestly could not have asked for any more. She made not only us, but everybody, feel so relaxed on the day and this shines through in all the photos. They're all so natural and capture the pure happiness and joy of the day. Thank you Susan, from the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us."

What more can I say. Our photos are absolutley perfect.


"Susan was a joy to have around on the wedding day. Her friendly, calm and professional manner meant that us and all of our guests felt comfortable getting our photos taken on the day. The photos are incredible and truly show her talent. She really captured the spirit of the day and we, and our families, love looking at them again and again!"

Susan was a joy to have around on the wedding day.


"Susan was exactly what we needed in a photographer, even before we knew we needed it! Having someone trustworthy and confident to take you through your day, while making sure that they’ve perfectly captured the moments that you’ll look back on in 20 years time is something that we’re hugely grateful for."

Susan was exactly what we needed in a photographer.


"Susan's communication with us was excellent; emails and messages always replied to in a way that made us feel we knew her before we even met! And when we first met at our pre-wedding shoot it didn’t feel awkward or like working with a stranger - it was totally comfortable, and we put that down to her approachable nature."

... made us feel we knew her before we even met!