Choosing your wedding photographer is a hugely personal decision. I get it, it’s a big deal! Our sense of humour, our energy, our personalities…it’s like a delicate three-part harmony. And we won’t know if I’m ‘the one’ until we jump on a Zoom and find out together. 

So let’s find out! Fill out the form below, and I’ll get right back to you. Hopefully today, if not, tomorrow. 

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I’m honoured and humbled you’re considering me to tell your story. Let’s find out if we’re a good fit for each other. 


Simba, it is time...


"She captured genuine moments of emotion, laughter and love and we are delighted with the pictures. Having amazing photos of the day is obviously the main goal of having a wedding photographer, and you want the actual capturing of the photos to be an enjoyable experience. I’ve mentioned both those things but Susan went above and beyond this - delivering mail between bride and groom, de-tangling necklaces, pointing out the benefits of the never-relenting wind (dress billowing!) and generally being an understanding, supportive person to have around on the day."

She captured genuine moments of emotion...


"Susan had a unique ability to make us feel we had known her for years. Susan was present and had her whole self there with us the entire time. We loved how she made our elopement uncomplicated and the end result was beyond anything we could have dreamt!"

Susan had a unique ability to make us feel we had known her for years.


"Susan immediately wasn't just 'the photographer', we feel she's now a friend for life! She was so invested in getting to us, and us to know her and she spent time meeting my parents and our children - who all think the world of her! She is such a wonderful human, who made us feel completely at ease and was ready for what ever was called for."

Susan immediately wasn't just 'the photographer'


“We cannot recommend Susan enough. She is an incredible photographer. She is such a friendly, open person who produces the most amazing photos. The passion she has for photography is clear and shows in the end result. As long as Susan is available to take our photos, we won’t be looking anywhere else.”

We cannot recommend susan enough


"Susan is outstanding. It was the easiest and most chilled experience getting our beautiful candid wedding day pictures taken.

For anyone looking for a photographer, all you need to know is that she is considerate, friendly and most of all, incredibly talented."

is outstanding...