So you want to talk destination, let's do this!

⌓ Each destination wedding or elopement is unique and therefore requires an individual quote

⌓ Prices start at £3000 and will vary based on duration and type/location of event

⌓ Personal online gallery to share with family and friends

⌓ High + low resolution images / perfect for printing and social media

⌓ Velvet Album (20cm x 30cm) with 20 pages / designed for you / option for upgrade available

⌓ Pre wedding meeting (face to face or over zoom) / to discuss everything and get to know each other and 24/7 whatsapping of course!

⌓ Photography timeline creation for the duration of the time I am with you

You're considering getting married somewhere romantic, beautiful and different from the traditional...I'm so excited for you! This already tells me you want:


Wherever you're leaning toward, I'd love to chat more. I've lived, travelled and photographed in many countries over the years, and photographing elopements and weddings in new corners of the world is absolutely where I thrive! 

Prices start at £3000

Destination Elopements + Intimate Weddings


Mairo and Toby - Kenya

Amy and Tom - Iceland

“Susan, you have captured everything so beautifully and we are so honoured you joined us on our adventure elopement.
Your presence is the perfect combination of calming and fun - it is incredible to be able to completely re-live the day through your photos.

We will always treasure the time we got to spend with you - driving through Iceland, laughing, crying, running through waterfalls, adventuring a glacier and just having so. much. fun.”

If you, like Amy and Tom, are drawn to the adventurous type of elopement, Iceland is probably already on your list of possibilities! The land of fire and ice offers everything from black sand beaches to epic glacier tours, magical waterfalls and of course the occasional volcanic eruption. 
I was with them for four magical days, the third day being their beautiful wedding day in front of Glugafoss waterfall. The days surrounding their elopement day were filled with adventure, exploration and waterfalls!

Amy and Tom's Icelandic Elopement

There is quite simply never going to be enough words to thank you properly and explain how we feel but we owe some of the happiest moments of our life to you and we are delighted it was you who was there to document it all.”

Mairo and Toby had a beautiful farm wedding on the shores of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, with their friends and family present. Having spent the best part of a decade living and working in Africa, returning to Kenya to photograph this wedding was so very wonderful. If travelling to East Africa for your wedding or elopement is something you are interested in, not only do I have loads of experience but I also have a bunch of contacts - we could make something really incredible happen for you!

Mairo and Toby's Kenyan Wedding

"Susan was everything I had wished for in our wedding photographer.
Her attention to detail in every moment and always being in the right place at the right time was outstanding!
Her character is warm and friendly which made everyone feel at ease."

A couple suitable for a destination wedding want to have several days that focus on their story, where they can commit to each other somewhere WOW. They're on the hunt for something different, something memorable and somewhere in a beautiful location!
Choosing the freedom and adventurous romance of a destination wedding or elopement means you can have a truly unique experience whether it's just the two of you or with all your favourite people.

Is this you?

Why choose destination?

And after all the planning, once you get there... 

You're going to realise it was ALL WORTH IT.

I ask to stay in the same accommodation as you for at least 3 nights so that we can simplify logistics, get to know each other (so we can get the best images possible!) and also so we have time to photograph you in stunning locations either the day before or after wedding day. This means you can spend wedding day really making the most of every detail, person and moment!

Planning a wedding or elopement can feel overwhelming, let alone planning one somewhere overseas or exotic!

From the very beginning I will be there on hand to answer questions, guide you towards vendors and help create your dream wedding. 

Adventure awaits...

Where do we even begin?

⌓ Morocco 

⌓ Greece

⌓ Japan

⌓ Kenya

⌓ Mexico


There are so many places in the world I'd love to photograph a wedding or elopement!

But here are five locations that would make me jump up and down with delight if I received an enquiry for:

(In no particular order...)

My bucket list

Just like a UK wedding, I'll capture the details, the little moments and the classic ones too.
The getting ready in the morning, the way the light hits the building, the ones of you and attending family members that will hang on kitchen walls for years from now. Or if it's just the two of you, those delicate words as you pen your vows. The first look, the ceremony, the dance, dinner...ALL OF IT.

And whether it's the day before or after, we have time to capture those romantic shots in whatever country we're in. We can break this up into a sunrise session and and afternoon session for example, or spend a whole afternoon moving from place to place. It's your wedding and so we can make it entirely unique!


⌓  Capture your relationship at it's core as well as capturing you in your dream location (think stunning backdrops!)

⌓ Connect with you so that you can be totally yourselves (let's have some fun!)

⌓ Not be 'just the photographer' - so I might not be the one for you if you don't want to let loose and explore your new surroundings

⌓ Be there for it all - the before, during and after and you'll come away with a fulllllllllll gallery

⌓ Gladly provide a quote for a second shooter if you would like an extra perspective

I will...

I have lived and travelled overseas throughout my life and combining my experiences with my photographic work came very naturally. I absolutely love sharing adventures with my clients whilst also being able to provide guidance, support and some very cool photographs!

Why choose What Susan Sees?


"Our photographs are warm and uplifting and completely capture our wedding a way I thought I could only dream of."

... in a way I thought I could only dream of


"I'm truly inspired by her wonderful work. What I particularly love is how she captures the light and moments. Susan is very professional but fun and relaxed to work with."

I'm truly inspired by her wonderful work.


“Susan took both formal and natural shots at our wedding with great skill. She has an incredible knack for capturing moments filled with joy and laughter, be those between us as a couple and with our children, or amongst our guests. This is in part due to her friendly and relaxed manner which meant she put everyone at ease, and her intuitive sense of the moments to capture.” 

She has an incredible knack for capturing moments filled with joy and laughter


“The work Susan does appears so effortless, but we understand just how much talent, time and effort goes into the whole process, and for that we are so grateful. We could not have picked a better wedding photographer.”

We could not have picked a better wedding photographer.


"I think there’s always a concern before meeting your photographer, because you’re not sure if they’ll really understand how you want your day to go. I can assure you that Susan showed us very early on that she could see our wedding unfolding exactly how we wanted it to."

... our wedding unfolding exactly how we wanted it to.