To be present and fully in the moment
To be a part of the creative process
To be fearlessly vulnerable

Whatever the session, I will bring out the joy, calm your nerves, make you laugh and help you remember these important stages of life. I will give you more than just pretty pictures. I will capture you completely and your relationship in its truest form, authentically and creatively.

Love is Love. I value every person who feels connected to the work I offer. It is my privilege to be able to offer a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples. I pour the same love into each session without question. 

I will Capture your relationship authentically. 

Are for freezing this moment in time with your children and capturing you as a family.

Newborn Sessions

Are for capturing the magic of the an adventure of a life-time! For those in search of an entirely unique way to get married.

Destination Weddings / Elopements

Are for celebrating all the things that make you as individuals become 'you' as a married couple - with your favourite people watching on!

UK Weddings / Elopements

Are for lovers looking for an epic yet stress-free way to say "I Do" in a remote, wild, wonderful corner of the world.

All-Inclusive Shetland Elopements

The Experiences

My photography relies heavily on the real and the raw as the day unfolds, though I'll never ever leave you standing not knowing what to do. I'll get the details too - whether that's other guests interacting, the table decor or the secret 'we just got married' glances.


We'll have connected and got to know each other well before the day, so that come the wedding or elopement, you know you can be yourselves around me. You can laugh, cry, kiss, cuddle and not feel self-conscious, uncomfortable or nervous. And you know that whether I'm right in front of you, up a tree or in the sea, it'll be worth it for the shot!


I want you to know that I have got you, but I won't be in your face about it. I won't be an OTT cheerleader or an embarrassing cling-on. I'll be your photographer, your friend and your confidant. 


Marrying your person should reflect all the things that makes you both feel. If you're not keen on traditional and want to make some new traditions of your own, I'm here to help bring that into to reality. 



Your family is unlike any other, and I'll make sure we capture that bond between you. These connections are what bring the images to life and make them stand out from the crowd.


These sessions aren't for standing in a straight line and smiling at the camera. They're about playing with you children, going to the beach, cuddling your baby and embracing what it feels like to be a parent. The results will be real, natural and evocative imagery. 


Whether you're a little self-conscious or perhaps a little reluctant in the beginning, by the end of the session I can promise you'll look back and realise you not only relaxed, but you enjoyed the session and you love the photos too. 


This is real life. We need to start showing our true selves, loving our imperfections and being grateful for our differences. I will not edit or photoshop any person to be unlike themselves. When it comes to blemishes, I will only remove what would be gone in a few weeks such as bruising, spots etc. The real you is beautiful. If you are super self-aware about something do let me know and I'll be conscious of that when I photograph you. 



How do we book?

After you've enquired via the contact form, you'll receive a comprehensive guide giving you more information about the service you have chosen (All Inclusive Elopements, UK Weddings/Elopements, Destination Weddings/Elopements or Family and Newborn Sessions). To confirm the booking, you must sign the contract and pay the non-refundable deposit.

How do we receive our images?

I use an online gallery platform, a stunning way for you to experience your images digitally on computer, tablet or phone. You can download the images in the gallery here and also access the store. You receive Sneak Peeks and then your Full Gallery. This may vary depending on time of year due to my workload. I will opt to extend this than deliver rushed work. 

What's your availability like?

I open my diary a year in advance so that I can book and plan my year intentionally. In order to ensure each couple gets the attention and level of professionalism from me that they deserve, I do limit the number of bookings I take.
Each couple's story should be a work of art and therefore although the diary may open on a certain date, I will only book in with clients that I feel I click with and therefore deliver the very best imagery of their wedding, elopement or portrait session. 

What happens if it's raining? 

Weddings + Elopements: You get wet. Rain can look SO romantic too!! If you're considering eloping or marrying outdoors, you're going to have to factor in the chance you're going to get rained on. You won't melt, we'll figure it out and you'll get some wildly fun photographs. Embrace it!

Family Sessions: We will be in touch in the days leading up to your session and can look forward to the forecast. If you decide that you really don't want to have the session outdoors, we can opt for an indoor session at your home or have a look at re-scheduling.

Newborn Sessions: We'll be indoors anyway!

Do I own the images once you send them to me?

What Susan Sees Photography will have and will always have copyright and ownership of the images. When you receive them, you then have printing rights to the images, which means you can print them, post them on social media, blog them, email them to your family. What you don't have the right to do is re-edit them, sell them, use them for marketing purposes to earn a profit, or claim them as your own. Those rights remain as mine. All the nitty gritty is in the paperwork I’ll send you.

Do you provide witnesses for the All Inclusive Shetland Elopement?

Yes! I can provide two witnesses for the signing of your marriage schedule during your elopement. I have a whole list of people who would be honoured to be there for you!

Do you do destination weddings?

I'd be delighted to discuss your plans for your wedding wherever that may be! 
My passport is always ready and my suitcase is within reach as I type...

Can I have the RAW images?

Simply answered, no. RAW files are unprocessed image files and they take up a heap of space. Plus you really don’t need 20 photos of you blinking, I promise. When you hire me, you're doing so because you like examples of my work. My post-shoot process is an enormous part of what you see and editing is where so much of my signature style comes into play. I promise not to withhold any images that you're hoping for.

Do you have a limit of how many weddings you do?

Yes. I do not is book in every single wedding enquiry that comes my way. I do this so that my couples get the best experience possible and so I don't burn out. When it comes to weddings, it's about providing quality to my clients, not about squeeing in as many weddings as I can. 

Is the All Inclusive Elopement Package for Shetland locals or just for people who live elsewhere?

The Elopement Package has been designed for locals AND those who don’t live on the island. There are endless new ways to enjoy Shetland for everyone whether you've never been to Scotland or you've lived in Shetland your whole life.


3. Confirm your booking by accepting the quote, paying the deposit and signing the contract
4. Stay in touch and enjoy the process and the results!

1. Fill in an enquiry form
2. Keep an eye on your emails! You'll receive a guide about your chosen service

What do we do next?


"I cannot sing Susan's praises enough. She made us feel so comfortable. We laughed and we felt so relaxed - and it shows. Susan really brings out the beauty in everyone."

I  cannot sing Susan's praises enough.


“I remember watching me husband running with my boys and just feeling my heart being totally full. It was such a relaxed experience which allowed me to feel such pride, gratitude and love. Best experience!”

Best experience!


“Susan absolutely blew us away with her wonderful eye and great people skills - couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. The photographs are absolutely stunning.”

couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.


“The photographs just flowed naturally with your guidance. A lovely time spent with family in the fresh air. Susan has such an eye for capturing the in-between moments.”

The photographs just flowed naturally with your guidance. 


“I have already recommended Susan to everyone who will listen! She’s so chilled, and the moments she captures are natural and real.” 

I have already recommended Susan to everyone who will listen.